Sorry for missing my notes last month. I could claim I was snowed in on the way to our recent Basildon visit, or I was weighed down with seasonal flu or I had missed the deadline for the Christmas copy. Well, all three were true. What a way to finish 2017 and to start 2018. I hope for all of you things were a little better.

Interestingly, while comparing notes with Steve Bridge about our planned visit to Basildon and its marvellous Christmas decorations – a Dickens Christmas – I said to Steve, ‘Do you think it is going to snow?’ ‘No’, Steve said, ‘just a little rain.’ ‘Won’t the rain put people off?’ I said. ‘Yes, but the decorations are magical.’ So went our conversation on the eve of the visit. As you probably know Steve works there as a volunteer so he had had sneak preview. The rest of course is history.

I was stuck on the M4, so I sent a WhatsApp to Steve. ‘Do you think we should recommend to everyone that it is not a good day for it?’ ‘Can’t help’, was his reply, ‘I am in Madeira enjoying the warm sunshine on the beach.’ He added I should start digging. As it turned out I made to Basildon to find it covered in snow and the main entrance closed. I was only ten minutes late too. Turning round I headed home, not before Roger and Adrienne Prior spotted me leaving. Well done to Roger and Adrienne for making it to the visit too.

If anyone else made it then you have my respect and thanks. Let’s hope our next visit will be a little warmer. If you should hear that Steve is jetting off someone, you may like to check the weather forecast. His timing was impeccable.

Hopefully, our New Year’s Dinner is being held at the Castle Royle Golf Course on Saturday 20th January will have been a great success. This year’s guest speaker is famous for finding a rich treasure trove in the Thames Valley area. I fancy doing some beach combing with his advice.

As I missed the chance in the January edition of Miscellany, I would like to wish everyone in the Morgan world a fantastic 2018 with prosperity and above all good health.

Thames Valley Centre car badges available on eBay - beware

Don’t forget please, as reported previously, a Morgan owner from Australia has brought to our attention that Thames Valley Car badges are for sale on eBay. They appear to be our badges but we would like to point out that these sales are nothing to do with us or our previous suppliers. They are very highly priced, and please remember we can supply Thames Valley car badges new at the nominal club price. If you see any regalia out there and are interested please check with us first. I would like to thank our Australian customer for letting us know about these items.

While on this subject we have come across a website that details fake badges:

Thames Valley Centre pin badges

Our range of super new Thames Valley pin badges are now available. These are available in five colours, similar to our car badges. Orders are taken on a first come first served basis, as always. Please contact David Mansfield, our Regalia Officer, to order pin badges or our car badges. Orders can be made on his telephone (0118 3769752) or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..