I would like to welcome you all to the New Year; I hope you will have a prosperous 2019 with good cheer and above all, good health. I find it astonishing to think it is 2019. How can that be? I ask myself. At the end of last year I had a job that took me back to my old college from thirty odd years ago. Everything had changed, the décor, the people, the departments, everything. I didn’t know a soul. It felt like I had been in suspended animation, only to be revived hundreds of years into the future, or in our case 2019.

What am I going on about you may ask? Well, when I started off on the road to Morgan ownership, for me it was for life, as was being a custodian of a Land Rover Defender. These were things that you could rely on for keeps. Now what do I learn: cars will drive themselves, petrol and diesel will be phased out by the 2030’s, in some places, and I was almost run over by an electric double-decker bus in London the other day – I didn’t hear it coming. I can cope with change in computers and electronics, but not in our beloved motors. I yearn for simpler times, here in 2019.

Our usual Christmas gathering at Richard Thorne Classic Cars, which has always been a wonderful occasion, could not take place last year as they are in the middle of moving showrooms and workshops. I hope that all goes well, and the wintery weather holds off. I understand, however, that Helen and co are planning a New Year party which I am sure will be well advertised in Miscellany – please watch out for the details. Thank you Helen, and our best wishes to everyone at Richard Thorne Classic Cars for 2019.

If you have got cabin fever and want to blow away those cobwebs from your New Year’s celebrations, why not get down to The Phoenix Classic Car meeting on January 1st for the annual impromptu gathering of cars and car folk: whether there will be an electric double decker, I’m not sure.

8am – 2pm. The Phoenix. Phoenix Green, Hartley Wintney. RG27 8RT

The ThamesMOG New Year’s Dinner 2019 is on Saturday 19th January. After the meal we will have the presentation of awards, followed by our guest speaker, Dennis Woods, who this year will be telling the tale of his walk to the South Pole, which should be fascinating. Please contact David Williams (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) for further details.

Let’s start 2019 off as we mean to go on.