Access and Registration

The Site ( is provided for members of the Morgan Sports Car club who are associates of the Thames Valley Centre (The Centre).

Much of The Site's content is public and as such serves as a publicity channel for the activities of The Centre.

MSCC members may register with The Site and then be able to sign up for events on The Site or publish articles of their own.

Members should use a username which can be any made up sequence and their own name when registering.  Obscured names or CB style handles are not acceptable as it is reasonable for readers to know who is saying what on the site.  It is the plain text name that will be used in The Site to identify authors and contributors, the username is solely a security key used with a password to obtain access to facilities on The Site that require user authentication.

Contact details lodged with the site on registration will be used by The Centre to communicate with you concerning the site and centre activities. Registration is your agreement to receive this information.

Some of this communication is automated. Should you decide you no longer wish to receive this an unsubscribe link is available on every email sent or you can log in here and change your preferences using the widget on the home page.

Contact details will not be provided to any third party unless the member is an event organiser or an event coordinator, in which case the contact details will be attached to the event concerned. Contact details for centre officers are also published in The Site.

In order to avoid robot activity creating false accounts we use Google's recaptcha service.  To do that information is exchanged with Google at the time you register; by registering you agree to this.  We also use Google's web analytics service to count users which involves leaving cookies on the users machine.  This information is covered by Google's privacy policy ( ). The information passed does not include your contact details or your name but Google may be able to correlate with information they have obtained elsewhere.

Editorial Policy and Acceptable use

Articles and Other content should be legal, tasteful, not of a derogatory nature and not breach copyright.

Material should primarily be concerned with the activities of The Centre and its members in association with The Centre, and Morgan Sports Cars.

Material published should be of a reasonably professional standard in a style consistent with the presentation of the rest of the site.

When publishing photographic material as a gallery the number of images should be limited to a few images of the highest quality available to give a flavour of the event they cover.  This approach not only limits the storage space The Site needs but also maintains the interest of those visiting The Site and enhances the artistic reputation of The Site and of the author.  This should apply also to linked material on Flickr, Picasa or other external galleries.

Images in galleries should be accompanied by appropriate captions and or descriptions.

The Centre and its associates are additionally bound by the acceptable use policy of the website hosts.  This can be read here.

The site administrators may adjust or remove any material published to achieve compliance with the above where they see fit without consultation or redress.

Note that Email addresses in the site are automatically obscured, as a far as is possible, to avoid automated harvesting.


The copyright of material published on The Site remains with the originator/author. A free licence is granted by the originator/author to The Site for the use of such material in the site and to The Centre for use in other publicity material published by The Centre or on The Centre's behalf.

When publishing material obtained from a third party source in The Site, reasonable efforts should be made to obtain permission from the copyright holder and an appropriate copyright licence before doing so.  All such material should be attributed to the copyright holder.


Members wilfully ignoring these reasonable terms will be removed from The Site's user list.